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wood floor refinisher geneseo

I have been providing quality wood floor refinishing for 25 years, bringing floors back to life. Wood flooring can be restored and refinished many times over, which is the main advantage of hardwood flooring. Restoring your wood floors will not only reveal their beauty, but will also add to the beauty of your home.

Safe and Clean

Wood doesn't hide harmful particulate matter, making for a healthier, safer living environment, especially for allergy sufferers. Generally, wood floors require less maintenance, last longer and can be “repaired” (instead of replaced). And although the refinishing process often includes sanding and scraping, my process helps keep the mess to a minimum.

Low Maintenance
Your wood floors will require minimal maintenance – in terms of both effort and equipment. Wood floors will also be much more resistant to spills and stains. Wood can most often simply be smoothed and refinished. It is rarely necessary to replace a wood floor.

Since wood is a naturally occurring resource, which can even be reforested, wood floors may also be a quality ecological choice.

Unsurpassed Beauty and Value
Perhaps the number one reason to have your wood floor refinished is for aesthetic reasons. Wood never goes out of style. Because of the large variety of wood types and colors, each floor has it own warm personality. Are your floors too dark? Too light? I can refinish them to your specific tastes.

Refinishing your wood floors increases the value of your home. It will be a sound investment that pays off for a lifetime.

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